"Barnaby honestly loves them (and he's a fussy and spoilt pooch!)."




The Ocean Dog of course!

Hello my name is Ania, together with my husband Igor and lovely The Ocean Dog, we have created The Ocean Dog Treats!

Small local business hand baking 100% plant–based dog snacks.

Ever since The Ocean Dog came into our lives we became very passionate about whole food plant based dog nutrition. This came quite naturally since we both have nutrition background in our college history, we used to work in kitchens and we are Vegan for a few good years now.

We believe that a whole foods plant based diet is the best option for humans and as our research has proven, for dogs as well.

The idea of veganism for dogs has recently been a choice growing in popularity amongst dog owners. Still we began noticing that many of the plant based dog products available on the market in fact are produced by companies that mainly handle animal based nutrition and vegan products in their range is simple a response for a growing demand. Such products are often not properly nutritious, factory made using generic ingredients that are often not that delicious for your pooch, especially when it comes to treats.

Inspired by the wellbeing of our dog we decided to create an original brand of fully nutritious, based on real produce supplemented with superfoods and baked to pawlicous pawfection dog treats.

Originally we came up with three flavours using the Ocean's favourite veggies and fruit but we promise it is more on the way!

Currently we are developing treats with blueberries and hard bite protein bar cookies!


We strongly recommend rewarding positive behaviour in your dogs with our treats as well to use them for any type of training.

It all starts with a recall! 

The Ocean Dog


My name is Ocean. The Ocean or for my mom Baby Puppy!

I'm a Catahula Luisiana Leopard Dog or thats what my dad is always saying.

I was born in Montana, USA along other Amish animals, living ranch life. Then one day, when I was around 3 months old I was gifted to some funky Polish peoples and since then I'm traveling, exploring and loving every day adventures. I spent my puppy days on Dogs Beach living in Vancouver. Oh big city brought so many vegan treats! Yeah! Did't I mention? My parents always shared food with me but when we traveled they did't have an oven, so once we settled, oh! Peanut butter and oat cookies will always be my fav! And yes, I need to woof! I'm obsessed with treats and I love to play and interact to get them, so much! Lots of plays and runs and walks, that's my life! Powered by plants I'm very strong and active! Nothings a challenge, they are just next adventures. Moving to London was very exciting.

Now we have been working together in the kitchen to come up with recipes for amazing treats for healthy dogs. My happiness needs to be shared!

They give them to me in the park and on many occasions I do something nice.

Now is the time I share my treats with other happy dogs to give joy to all you woofers out there.